I am a business growth consultant

I help businesses drive
  • Exceptional
  • Purposeful
  • Sustainable
  • Scalable
  • Transformational
  • Holistic

Growth backed by
  • Experience
  • Data Insights
  • Expertise
  • Customer Insights
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability

What I do

I help businesses unleash their true potential

    01 Accelerated Growth

    02 Business Design

    03 Brand Experience

    04 Business Turnaround

Know Me

Hi, I am Saransh Gupta, an accomplished growth wizard transforming businesses by unleashing their true potential

I'm a Business Growth Consultant, Serial entrepreneur & Strategic Investor with a strong business background. I have grown up seeing the insides of industry-wide business' functions that makes me resonate with the practical problems encountered while running a business. My experience from multiple entrepreneurial ventures, invested-ventures combined with wide consulting experience, knowledge and expertise makes a powerful combination to help you transform your business with practical & result oriented real-time problem-solving business strategies providing exceptional impact from day one.

How I Can help

  • Brand Portfolio
  • Web & Digital Properties
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Appeal
  • Brand Expression
  • Integated Touchpoints
  • User Experience
  • Brand Design

  • Growth Strategy
  • Sales Enablement Tools & Techniques
  • Sales Avenue Planning
  • Customer Targetting
  • Sales Team Training & Development
  • Sales Forecasting & Pipeline Management
  • Sales Process Design
  • Sales Tactics & Techniques

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Pitch Decks
  • Sell your business
  • Lease your business
  • Business Valuations
  • Investor Relations
  • IPO Planning
  • Business Handover

  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Audience Profiling
  • Customer Segmentation
  • E-Commerce
  • Product Positioning
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Inbound Growth

  • Integrated Communication
  • Brand Management & Evolution
  • Brand Positioning
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Customer Journey
  • Strategic Roadmap
  • Brand Research
  • Customer Insights & Understanding

  • Media Mix
  • Budget Planning
  • Teritory Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Promotion & Advertising
  • MarCom Planning
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Product Launches

  • Transformation Strategy
  • Business Turnaround
  • Operating Model
  • Business Modelling
  • Market Research & Analysis
  • SWOT
  • Product Planning
  • Strategic Planning & Goal Setting

  • Digital Transformation
  • OKRs
  • Perfomance Growth
  • Performance Tracking
  • ROI Maximisation
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Impact Analysis
  • Revenue Growth

  • Portfolio Expansion
  • Global Expansion
  • Lateral Integrations
  • Franchising Strategy
  • Franchisee Expansion
  • Partnerships and Alliances
  • Risk Diversification

Why Work With Me

Holistic Approach

Working across business functions & roles helps me evaluate and strategize the business from a 360° Perspective.

Day-one Impact

Entrepreneurs don't have Years / quarters and in some cases even months to see progress. No matter how great a long-term strategy is, Running Businesses need immediate results, and this is exactly where I start from.

Rich Experience

My wide experience of working across various industries along with my entrepreneurial experience helps me evaluate situation quickly and provide realistic solutions.

Results Oriented

I don't believe in just imparting knowledge & would rather help you drive measurable & predictable progress.

My Experience


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I Have Worked With

Awards Won

Clients Love me

His excellent and progressive thought process and diligence make him one of the brightest and most updated marketers who delivers nothing but the best

Dr Suresh Mansharamani, OKR Coach & Co-Founder Tajurba Business Network Pvt Ltd


Saransh is excellent at what he does. His presentation skills and pitch deck are exceptional. I have seen him converting associates to clients and clients to friends. He operates his life and business on strong ethics and goes the extra mile to deliver the best for his clients.

Uma Mansharamani, Principal Cofounder at Tajurba Business Network Pvt Ltd


As excellent as he is at his work, so is he in person. His business ethics are phenomenal and he goes all bounds to deliver the best for his clients. Since that day, We are working as a team. His insights are practical, his inputs -unconventional and his advice stands the test of time.

Sanjeev Arora


While working with him for over a year now, I found Saransh as a Great strategist when it comes to marketing, brand building and positioning... Highly recommended to product-based businesses who wish to create an established brand of their products…

Shailendra Chaurasiiya, System & Processes Design specialist


He has the knack to get to the finer details of the subject and when he unravels his strategy it's something you can only expect from a master-level person. His performance statistics reveal numbers that are very very impressive.

Rajesh Kumar Pandey, Founder omniscient IT Solutions Pvt Ltd


Saransh Gupta is one of the best marketing wizards in the corporate arena. Enriched with great understanding of business segments and the ancillary technology, he can seamlessly design, develop and propagate websites for virtually any kind of industry. Lately, he has brought out a much thought after book - 'Website Wisdom' to cater to the digital demands of the global market. I wish the best to Saransh in his future endeavours.

Sumit Kansal, Corporate Lawyer, Kansal Law Chambers


A great digital partner to be with. We found Mr Saransh very professional all the time. His key strategies towards building a brand has been worth spending. I would recommend to have a session atleast before you plan for brand building strategies.

Ashish Ahuja, Director, V Connect Infrastructure Pvt Ltd


I highly recommend Saransh for Marketing Strategy and his agency for digital design and delivery. His understanding of customer mindset is commendable and gives him a unique approach to design strategy. I wish him all the best.

Dr Amit Verma, Global Ayurveda Doctor & Health and Wellness Coach


I want to Thank Saransh Ji for helping us achieve the highest turnover in the last quarter as we were stuck at INR 300 Cr for the last 5 years. We always thought that we needed more debt funds and a bigger sales team for it. But Saransh's consultation helped us focus on some of the simplest but most significant business aspects in our business model… that we had been missing. By just doing that we could touch up to … 2.5x growth in 12 months with his quick execution. So I totally recommend him for all the businesses that want to grow.



Despite having a brilliant business idea, I struggled to get the right investors for it. I was focussing on certain aspects of my business so much, that I lost track of others. That's where Saransh came to my rescue. He helped me build a sustainable, profitable and investor-friendly business model with lucrative revenue structure and a pitch deck that really helped us.



We were so good at our tech development yet we were lagging behind in sales. And even after several hits and trials, we were not able to figure out what was going wrong. Saransh helped us build a subscription-based model that bolstered our sales and pushed up our revenue. We could curb all the cost-sucking developments and build a business structure that is profit-based without compromising on quality.



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